Tuesday, June 14, 2016

summer 2016

hello blog.  well, it has been 2 years + since my last entry.  i thought the beginning of summer would be the perfect time to start it all up again. i've also decided that it is time that i unravel in my head the knotted beast of social media...pinterest, instagram, twitter, snapchat, facebook, youtube.  for years i've kept my head in the ground, avoiding progress, but i fear if i ignore it any longer, i'll become obsolete in my mid 40s.

in the last week or so, i started posting some of my etsy goods to pinterest and instagram as a starter. nothing happened until my sister-in-law mentioned that i need to add hashtags as well.  what? hashtags? what are those?  i feel like such a social media dolt.  lo and behold - i added hashtags and i had seven new followers just like that.  amazing. i don't understand it, but it is pretty cool.

so for summer at least...back to a little blogging about my days with these goofly lil munchkins and my stumblings through social media.  happy sunny days!

Friday, March 21, 2014

8 months later...

i am a horrendous blogger...inconsistent, uncommitted...i wish i had the discipline to record life every week like some amazing blogs that i read, but i am easily distracted... kids are just too cute, i love my sleep, too many art projects to try, i move slowly.

so with that, I've lowered my expectations. if i blog once a year, well then, so be it...here is my 2014 post.

girls...my sweet loves...are growing too fast.  soon, there will be no more little ones.  thinking about it makes my heart ache, so i remind myself daily, despite my checklist, to be aware and present in the moment.  in doing that, i take a lot less pictures at events, some days we look a tad disheveled, the house not so perfect.

auttie is in 2nd grade...what comes to mind:  soft brown eyes, tender sensitive heart that loves all creatures...even the despicable ones, minecraft obsessed (i don't get it...what happened to that little yellow dude that eats dots?), best friends john and allie, roald dahl books, night owl like her mommy, started gymnastics in January - it is her thing at long last, loves her hamsters, likes birdwatching, wipes me out in memory game, never takes a serious pictures...bunny ears or crossed eyes, always late to school, free spirit, wants to be a scientist, gymnast, or writer, her favorite present to give us:  a branch, rock, or picture she drew

reaggie is in pre-school/3...what comes to mind:  "big eyes", puffalina, penelope puppy, hand in mouth, megan and caymen (her left and right hand), talented linguist...the way she expresses herself for a three year old, boo...everyone calls her boo from monster's inc, loves rice balls, loud quacky voice, upper lip that sticks out when she talks, a true stinker, loves her red patent leather shoes, says, "when i was a big girl...", loves puzzles, early riser and morning person like daddy, a REAL character, wants to be a star

us...so far, the start of 2014 has been busier than past years.  my brother-in-law married in january, my mom was in the hospital in february, girls started gymnastic classes, bean is busy with work, i decided to challenge myself to turn my etsy store into a business vs a hobby, lots of museum visits (getty, space museum), trying to train for oc 1/2.  not crazy, but a steady non-stop flow.  from summer to the end of 2013...a happy stretch with relaxing holidays.

projects...i decided i needed a creative challenge this year.  at first i thought...new etsy store, which i did launch.  it occurred to me however, that my first etsy store, pipsqueak and bean, was already established and that I should put my efforts in one place. so...this month, in my original shop, I started testing new product and treating it like a real business. in just 3 weeks my numbers have topped all other months...amazing what can be accomplished with focus.

as much as i love designing little dolls...my second store, lucky 5 studios, will be on hold. AND...that book of poems that i started 10 years ago is officially on the to be finished in 2014 list.  dr. seuss, roald dahl, shel silverstein...still my ultimate goal.

new cake banners and garlands in my etsy shop, pipsqueak and bean

dolls and pins in my etsy shop, lucky 5 studios

CK published layouts for 2013 that i never posted

 so with that brief update...signing off for the night...hopefully not for all of 2014.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

hello blog...

hard to believe that we have already have crossed the 1/2 way mark of summer.  only 4 more weeks of lazy easy days...

we have spent most of our days taking our time to live...

to be silly...not scheduled...

to blow bubbles...

to craft a little...

...to scrap a little...
these albums of last summer's trip in Coronado and our Disney jaunts were recently published in CK's album issue