Saturday, November 13, 2010

autumns art gallery...grand opening

little a is becoming quite the artist.  i am so proud of her creations that i am posting her finest artwork each month.  she loves bright colors (as you can see below) and telling a story with each drawing.

this is a halloween card she made for a friend...the house is haunted but in a nice way.  the red poof on the right is her ladybug umbrella.

these paper collages below are wall-e and eve playing kick ball...she cut and constructed these one night while i was working on an etsy project.  the funny thing...when you overlap the two collages - it appears that wall-e's eyes are crossed.

lastly is the rainbow story behind this one...just one happy apple.

unintentionally hilarious things little a said this week...

1) one afternoon after feeding litte rea a 5 ounce bottle, i commented that i could not believe how much little rea ate.  autumn feeling a bit competitive blurted out, "well i ate all my there!"

2) yesterday we were on a playdate with one my friends who has a son autumn's age and a 7 month old baby.  little rea was unusually fussy and cried on and off throughout the playdate. the other baby did not cry at all.  when we left the park, autumn said out of nowhere, "that wesley sure is a nice baby...he doesn't cry at all." 

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