Sunday, November 28, 2010

sweet tweet...tangled

yesterday little a and i saw tangled...ate popcorn...drank fruit punch...chewed shiny gumballs...and bought butterflies for her and stars for rea rea.  what i remember best...

little a's hand when she reached for the screen to grab a floating lantern
her little tap on my hand when she wanted a drink of punch
the kiss she gave me in the middle of the movie
her face all aglow (and her 3-d glasses) as it stared up at the screen
the way she held my hand and carefully listened to all i said
...she knew this was a special day just for us 

a small note so i don't forget:  little a just gave me a bunch of lovely yellow dandelions and orange leaves that she carefully collected from our yard...sniff...she calls it her collection...