Tuesday, November 16, 2010

this week's projects...

at the beginning of this month i opened up my etsy store.  it's been something i've wanted to do for some time.  for now there is no theme to my shop...just fun colorful knick knacks that are fun to make....paper garlands...clips...and soon artwork and cards.  my storefront is called pipsqueak & bean...terms of endearment for my two girls and hubby.

i'm finding that scrapbooking and my etsy projects are perfect for experimenting with new illustrative techniques.  this week i am fiddling with art tissue...for a scrapbooking project which will be published in creating keepsakes may 2011 issue and some new etsy garlands and illustrations.  we'll see how the new projects fare out in the etsy community...i can't wait!  

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