Thursday, December 2, 2010

december 2...a good start

emerging from cubby 2 of the advent calendar...this is crumbs the gingerbread man...

on the daily ornament project, autumn was (as was i) so pleased with the results.  we took on a watercolor painted garland.  while she was only mildly interested in the painting, she thought the circle punching was hilarious...imagine circles flying every which way. 

the steps are pretty simple:
1) watercolor a few 8 1/2 x 11 pages...add salt for interest
2) when dry, punch several shapes...we used 1" and 5/8" circles
3) take 2 circles and place the unpainted sides back-to-back so only color is showing...then start sewing a long continuous line of circles...put the kiddo in charge of the presser foot if you dare

we used a 140 lb water color paper, so the garland feels substanial.  what i found amazing...the actual watercolors themselves were pretty i didn't expect the rainbow of confetti that emerged when the paintings were reduced to 1" circles.

ooooo...the ups man just left two boxes on our i love the thud of delivery boxes against our door.

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