Friday, December 3, 2010

december 3....we're off and running

cubby no 3...toasty the mitten...

on the ornament project...little a created a metal stamped star.  she was so proud of this one that she took it to school for share day.  since we started this one late, we found ourselves hammering away in the laundry room with the door closed...little r was sleeping and bean (that's dad) who is much more strict about bed time was giving us the stink eye.

the steps:
1) hand or die cut a big and little star out of a metal sheet (we used making memories)
2) sandpaper the top and edges for a rough look
3) stamp name, word, or phrase onto the star...punch holes for hanging
4) paint the stamped words and wipe away excess paint
5) use string or wire to connect the stars...add string for hanging

tonight we are picking up our christmas trees from the local booster club...thank goodness...i'm not sure the garland we made yesterday will survive one more day in the hands of our playful 4 year old...

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