Wednesday, December 1, 2010

hello december 2010...

i can't believe the last month of 2010 has favorite month of all!  this year to celebrate all that is december, i decided to take on two daily projects... addition to our favorite chocolates,  i am tucking in each numbered cubby of our advent calendar a holiday finger puppet.  to kick off day one...this is spike the christmas tree.

the tricky thing...i started just i'll have to work awfully quick to fill those drawers.

two...last year, we began the tradition of two christmas trees...a big coordinated one for our living room and a small charlie brown one for little a (and little r when she's big enough) to decorate with her own creations.  starting today, we're planning to make a homemade ornament a day to deck their tree.

this is also 4 year old is enthusiastic about the idea of making a daily ornament...but the execution may play out differently.  oh well...if we end up with 10...or 5...or even 1 ornament instead of biggy.

signing off to get started...
happy december!

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