Thursday, December 2, 2010

little r...

little r is two and a half today...what i tell my mind please don't forget, but in case i do...

1) her little grey sparkle eyes...with which she communicates so much
2) that she rarely crys...
3) her wild fuzzy hair
4) her polka dot onsies that always seem to get blasted with worst she has to offer
5) the way she chews on her hands
6) her shy little smile
7) the way she sinks herself down into her tub water so she can float
8) that she likes me to sing home on the range
9) the way she stretches at the end of each nap
10) that she kindly does 5-6 hour stretches...allowing us to sleep almost normal of 12/6...7 hour stretches!
11) her teeny tiny feet in comparison to her robust legs 
12) that we call her fuzzy, rearea, and angel baby
13) the way her hair feels on my cheek when i hold her
14) that she loves to talk
15) her soft unobtrusive cry
16) how she complains during tummy time
17) how she loves to eat
18) her sweet little laugh when we make be-boop noises
19) that she loves to stand (with our help)

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