Tuesday, January 11, 2011

january project...matryoshka clips

after a faulty start with the stamp carvings, i decided to use a more familiar medium for my first project...wool felt and embroidered matryoshkas...
i could make a zillion of these...something about stitching with oodles of colors is both satisfying and relaxing.  these five gals will be posted in my etsy shop.

a few non-matryoshka related side notes...if you're interested in scrapbooking, one of my layouts, dad's ride, was just published in the february issue of creating keepsakes along with some artwork for the magazine.

on the etsy front...i just sold my first item.  three of my rainbow garlands are making their way to austrailia.  maybe it's just my weird quirk, but i think it is way cool to know that something i made here in my home, will soon be hanging in someone else's home on the other side of the world.

last note...christmas has been lovingly packed away.  all that remains of the holiday is a giant bare tree which surprisingly still fills our living room with the comforting smell of pine.  this is the last week our waste service will take trees - so reluctantly we will have to bid it goodbye.  i remember eight years ago when bean and i had our first tree together, we kept it until valentine's day - which was more a result of laziness than sentiment.  bean snuck the old crispy tree out to the dumpster after midnight in order to avoid any wretched stares from our neighbors.

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