Tuesday, January 25, 2011

january project...matryoshka painted peg dolls

when i was a little, every christmas my mom would pull out an orchestra of wooden angels with green spotted wings, golden instruments, and bobbed hairdos.  she had collected them during her years in germany back in the late 1960's.  of all the decorations, they were by far my favorite. each year, one by one i would unwrap them from their crinkled tissue and arrange them in a semi circle on the buffet.  they are the inspiration for my third matryoshka project...painted peg dolls.
i've been meaning to try this for some time.  at first, the details were excruciating, but by the third one, i had figured out a few painting tricks that made it easier.  now, i can't wait to make themed sets for the girls...ie wall-e and eve, tom and jerry, hiccup and toothless. 

on the etsy end, i combined the rainbow and heart garlands for those who might like a colorful valentine's day...

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Jane Jeffress Thomas said...

I wish you would do a tutorial on these precious dolls. Where do you find the forms? You are certainly talented.