Saturday, January 15, 2011

january project...matryoshka wall hanging

for january project no 2, i stitched together these matryoshkas for my girls rooms.  they are made from fabric and felt scraps and are housed in painted embroidery hoops. it's hard to tell from the picture, but the dolls are slightly lopsided and the stitched writing is all wonky.  these quirks, i think make them charming and least that's what my optimistic side likes to think.

 the plan this year is to cover up the girl's blank walls with the monthly art projects along with some cool etsy finds.
not sure if i'll manage any time today to work on project no 3...we're heading off soon for a  walk and a birthday party.  an interesting note about the canyons surrounding our home...they're covered with mini trails that leave you feeling for a brief moment in the middle of a forest...leaf covered paths, mini waterfalls and streams, sweet damp air, and well-loved rope swings.


Jane Jeffress Thomas said...

I love these. You did such a great job on them. I may just have to get on the stick and do two of them for my little great granddaughters. Thanks for this idea. Now to find a pattern for one of these dolls and go and buy two embroidery hoops!!! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

So so cute! love these