Thursday, January 6, 2011

january theme...russian dolls

i remember my mom having a set of traditional russian nesting dolls that she purchased during her european travels in the 1960s.  i loved it...the colors, the smell of the wood, and the teeny tiny baby doll in the center.  later on, my grandpa brought me a japanese set that opened up, if you can believe it, dwindled down to a doll the size of a corn kernel.  still, this tiny doll with a cork bottom contained an itty bitty wooden bead that looked like a heart.

i know they're everywhere as evident by my search for inspiration.  google returned 1.3 million results. since i'm trying not to procrastinate, i reviewed only 45 pages and pulled my favorites...the last being the finger puppet i sewed in december.

i'm sketching out a few designs and ideas tonight...and if i don't procrastinate, i might even have the first projects to show tomorrow.


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Jane Jeffress Thomas said...

Oh, my. I think I know where I will be spending part of my day - here on your site just drooling. These little felt dolls are so adorable.