Friday, January 21, 2011

a little fun with little a...

as i may have mentioned before in prior posts, little a is not one to play with toys.  she is the only kid i know who happily walks out of toystore emptyhanded.  on one end i feel fortunate to have a clutter free home, on the other end it takes extra effort to keep her entertained...we come up with some crazy ideas and i often find myself the side kick to a cooler woodstock, shaggy, hiccup, mater, nibbles etc.

one of our latest past times is making adventure books.  they're easy to make and little a loves the treasure are the basics...

1) staple or sew together a mini book with a few sheets of blank paper
2) on each page draw a familiar item in the home...these are the clues
3) at each clue stop, hide a puzzle piece...i usually draw a final clue or map and cut it up
4) when all the pieces are found, your little one has a mini puzzle to put together...this will lead to the final treasure...usually something yummy

happy adventuring!

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