Monday, January 31, 2011

more peg dolls...

i can't make enough of these little i'm posting customizable ones in my etsy store as cake toppers with the hopes that other folks might like them too.
today, both girls are home...little a has a cold...probably due to a kid full weekend.  on saturday, she moseyed on over to cowboy party for which i made these tags.
and on sunday, we took the girls to disney...for little r's second visit.  with sprinkles and all, it was easy easy easy. bean and i are continuously shocked at how we're managing with the two kiddos...not nearly as complicated as we thought it would be.  where's that wood?  knock knock knock. 

at the moment, we're snuggled on the couch watching charlie brown...hmmm not sure i'll finish my final matryoshka project before today.  signing off for jello duty...i think strawberry jello does wonders for colds.

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