Thursday, January 6, 2011


one of my worst flaws is my ability to's the reason i have a billion unfinished projects lying around...artwork, quilts, if i have any goal for 2011, it is to stop procrastinating.  one unlikely tool that helps me along is this blog...even if no one reads holds me accountable.

so here i go...committing to some completed projects in 2011.  while only a few, they are major for me:

1) complete children's book:  i have about 100 shel silversteinish poems that have been lying around for the past 7 years.  i keep refining them along with the illustrations, but cannot manage the final push to complete the dummy and send it to a publisher.  2011 goal:  complete the book and send it off!

2) complete novel:  i've started about 3 different children's novels...2-3 chapters here and there...with plots and characters all detailed out.  this one is a little harder, since i'm not really a writer and it requires long stretches of quiet time (i.e. no mommy mommy mommy every few minutes) but it is something i want to finish.  2011 goal: complete one novel and send if off!

3) complete monthly blog projects: each month, i'm planning to choose a word or theme to guide all my art projects for that month.  the results, if good, will show up in my etsy shop.  for is going to be russian or matryoshka dolls

4) continue scrapbooking contributions:  i'd like to continue my contributions to's a wonderful group of folks and a great forum for experimenting with a variety of techniques.   2011 goal:  send 2-3 submissions for publication each month
so that's it...i've got 360 days left to not procrastinate!

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roann said...

aha! you can count on me to ask how you're coming along on #1, 2 and 4! and add #3 now! ;)