Monday, January 3, 2011

r & a...a reminder last decade disappeared in a whirlwind of marriage, remodels, and the arrival of my two sweeties...not that i'm complaining...they have been the most remarkable years of my life.  i'm just amazed at the relentless speed of time...and its uncanny acceleration as i age.

i am constantly reminded of this rapid passage of time by my ever changing girls.  little r is now 3 1/2 months and yet it seems just days ago that she arrived...little a is 4 years and 4 months...and sometimes i am boggled that i can no longer carry her like a baby.  but the time has passed.  my only way to slow it to remember the seemingly small insignificant tidbits that come and go day to day...bits that i would otherwise forget.

little a at 4 yrs 4 mo...
1) loves to makes books...plots evolve around flowers, turtily, butterflies, rainbows, and candy corn
2) still loves turtily above all
3) showing interest in reading and spelling...recognizes and spells her favorite words
4) writes i love (with a heart) mommy notes all the time...sniff
5) still loves the billy stories
6) calls her little sister reaggie (ray-gee)
7) likes to pretend she is the night fury, snoopy, and a turtle...that makes me hiccup, linus, and the turtle catcher
8) crawls into bed with us in the early morning to finish off her last hour of sleep
9) helps me around the house...laundry, dishes, dusts, diaper changes
10) has a wide-eyed look when she is bossing somebody...or saying something very grown-up and important
11) i love you bigger than the sky
12) our nightly bedtime snuggle conversations about school, random thoughts, and silliness...just before storytime
13) still has no interest in toys or presents...prefers make believe, making things from scratch, and leaf, acorn, and stick treasures...hmmm...wonder where that comes from
14) ties these crazy slip knots
15) gets an idea...and can't be bothered until it is fully realized
16) makes a play piano out of a baton, tambourine, and puzzle box...super duper clever invention
17) when she wants something sweet before a meal time says...just one bite
18) ? = mystery

little r at 3 1/2 months...
1) rolled over for the first time on 12/31/10
2) sleeps 8 hours through the night
3) rarely cries - prefers complaining...especially when she is hungry or when held by someone unfamiliar
4) terms of endearment: rea rea, reaggie, fuzzy, the flame, reaggie reaggie two leggy
5) loves to stand
6) had a sweet subtle crooked smile and the brightest eyes
7) has chubby chub legs
8) loves us...but really loves her daddy
9) loves to suck on her 3 middle fingers...
10) seems a tad more serious than the rest of the family...and often gives us a look as if to say grow up guys
11) still loves floating in her baby tub...although she barely fits in it nowadays
12) hair has grown from a flat top to a pompadour

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