Friday, February 4, 2011

february project no 1...

for the first february project, i made another hoopart piece for one of my girl's rooms...

what started off as a cluster of flyaway hearts ended up as a mom's loving words.  it reminds me of woodstock who in the printed cartoons always spoke in a series of apostrophes...or maybe they were just lines?  it's rough...but i still love it...more hoopart to come...

and on the etsy front...i've added a new bunch of garlands that make me think of bigtops, superheros...and hotdog on a stick.

if a circus party is what you envision...i found this fun etsy shop with old fashioned goodies...{HeyYoYo}

30 Vintage Carnival Bags
50 RED Paper Straws and Custom Straw Toppers
12 Vintage Clown Picks
48 Stars and Yellow Stripes Circus Cupcake Liners
150 Retro Wagon Popcorn Bags

happy friday friends

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