Monday, February 28, 2011

i finally made a coin purse!

final february project...after weeks of avoiding the coin purse project - i finally forced myself to do it.  despite SEVERE imperfections in pattern making, cutting, and came out pretty darn cute.  as i say about all the flaws in my adds to the charm.  if i only had the time...i'd make hundreds of these too.
this one is pretty basic, but my head is flashing with the possibilities...i hope i can sleep.  hundreds of shapes, thousands of fabrics, millions of stitches, billions of designs...anybody need a coin purse?  (anybody know hand hand fingers thumb?)

i'm off to dream about the snappity snaps of a billion coin purses.  i need my little one caught a bug at disney over the weekend and i believe will need all day holding tomorrow.  we purelled til our hands cracked and still those nasty bugs found a way.  my poor baby!

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