Tuesday, March 1, 2011

little a, little r, and the family

little a at 4 years and 5 months
1) loves jump, jive, and wail by the brian setzer orchestra...although she calls it jump jabbin
2) this month she is robin hood and peter cotton tail...i'm little john and bean is friar tuck
3) makes her little sister smile by saying chooo chooo chooo chooo
4) read her first book to me...biscuit...it's about a puppy named biscuit that delays going to bed...hmmm...sounds familiar.  i love to watch her when she says time for bed biscuit....woof woof...
5) has been going through a i want to do it my way stage the last 2 weeks.  mind you she has always been strong willed, but it has been particularly pronounced.  bean and i remind ourselves to be consistent, loving, and firm
6) has grown in the last 5 months to be a loving and involved big sister...little r returns the love with giant smiles for her big sis
7) still listens to her birdie soother to sleep at night...i love to hear it in the middle of the night
8) call her little sister uncle pecos...jerry's uncle on tom and jerry
9) likes to hide the last puzzle piece when doing a puzzle
10) has recurring wednesday playdates with her little friend allie
11) loves to swing as high as possible on the rope swing

12) little random things i love...the way she taps the toothbrush against the sink...her rocker scream...it actually sounds pretty good...the feel of her hand in mine...that she brushes turtily's teeth...that she likes the chicken dance
13) i wish i recorded every time she cracks us up...it's constant and i'm so bad about writing it down
14) has a sketch book with rainbow pages...it is filled with her writing...autumn loves mommy...autumn and turtily love mommy...mommy loves autumn...mommy loves turtily...sniff sniff
15)  missed this one from many months ago...but i don't want to forget...at night used to put up 3 star blocks in the window right before bed and in the morning replaced them with one round yellow block to represent the sun

little r at 5 1/2 months
1) lobster is still numero uno...followed by her pink flower hang toy and rainbow kaleidoscope
2) watches little a very carefully...often with a ginormous smile
3) sits peacefully on our hour long walks
4) while her hair is still wild, it no longer stands straight up...it sweeps across her little face.  punk to emo
5)  likes the disneyland train...but is miserable during the dinosaur section...just the opposite of little a who always loved the dinosaurs
6) draws attention with her big eyes and gentle disposition
7) likes to head out on errands with me...rarely says a peep...she just watches and smiles
8) is starting to become a little more rascally...likes peek-a-boo, i'm going to getcha, and being tossed up high
9) does not enjoy solids much to our surprise...we were certain she was an eater
10) does this slobbery thing with her mouth...a cross between raspberry spitting and bubble blowing

i realized when looking back on past entries that i also want to remember where we are as a family.  five months into the family expansion, bean and i have managed to turn ourselves into a well-oiled family machine.  at times i am surprised to find everything in order.  it comes with a lot of persistent work, letting go of the unnecessaries, and continuous prioritizing on our part.  there are nights when the girls are alseep and the home is in perfect order all before 8:30 and we look at each other triumphantly and give each other a we did it! hug.  simple unscheduled moments...with no agenda...that's what we love.

little a's recent artwork...

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