Sunday, February 27, 2011

today's fun... was a chilly day in ca....which is the reason why i was able to capture these shots of little a on an empty beach.  i love the deceiving photo of little a and the appears they're in flight out of fear of my mischievous four year old when in actuality they were playing in the wind.

i attempted to work on a final heart project tonight while we watched inception...with no took all my brain power just to understand the basics of 3 layer dreaming.  i'm debating on whether i want to spend another 3 hours rewatching the movie to now understand the story.

last thought...a new set of pristine brushes arrived in the mail yesterday.  they are now sitting in a small red bucket on the kitchen table like a bouquet of flowers.  i can't pass them without stopping for a moment to admire their shiny handles and fresh points. bean understands only because he knows me...otherwise i'm sure he finds it quite weird.  i'm hoping for an open night tomorrow to start using them.

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