Monday, March 7, 2011

the jellyfish ride...

it was over a year ago that little a first asked us to ride the jellyfish ride at california adventure.  at that time we were disappointed to find that she was three inches too short.  the same day we began to mark her growth on a wall in the kitchen...she was 39".  three inches higher, we drew a sticklike jellyfish to mark her goal...42".

every few months we made a new mark...each mark a 1/2" higher than the last.  finally...this month she reached 42"...well almost...her sketchers helped to add a 1/2".    this is her yesterday with dad riding on the long awaited jellyfish ride.  they're in the yellow one with the orange bottomed sneakers.

on the creative end...i have zero illustrations seven days into the month...sigh.  i have however been working on scrapbook assignments, which i cannot post before they're published.  hope to have a chance to paint or draw tonight.

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