Thursday, March 31, 2011

little a, little r, and the family...april 2011

little a...4 years 6 months
1) made up a song eeko deeko bok about a very bocky chicken...her first #1 hit...
eeko deeko bok is a very bocky chicken...the little chicken says bocka bocka bocka bocka bok...that is the end of the little chicken song...bye bye little bocky chicken
2) says when she likes something...that's very insteresting
3) this months has been all about maps...maps of the us, maps of strange islands, treasure maps etc
4) gets very busy at night working on making and delivering mail in our couchbox, bookmaking, wrapping hand drawn presents...
5) makes daily i love mommy presents and books
6) likes to take baths with rearea...with rea in the tub and her in the shower
7) has a standing wednesday playdate with her best friend from school
8) starting to read and write
9) says she wants to marry a little boy in her class who i've found out is also admired by several other of her girl classmates.  her sweet and innocent interpretation of marriage is that she gets to have a friend to sleep with at mommy and daddy
10) i've thought this for years, but i don't think i've ever mentioned it...i love the way she eats...something about the way she moves her mouth...the way she crunches the always looks and sounds sooo good

little r...6 months
1) spins around on her just moments away from crawling as of 3/8
2) rode pirates, peter pan, and jungle cruise at disney for the first time on 3/20
3) laughs when autumn says choo choo choo
4) laughs when daddy says a boogala boogala boogala
5) laughs when mommy says i'm going to getcha
6) still intently listens to my singing...her favorites are still twinkle twinkle, home on the range, and itsy bitsy spider
7) spent the last part of march with her mouth open thanks to her first stuffy looks so cute!!
8) loves her rice cereal, accepts squash, pears and peas, and stubbornly rejects apples, bananas, and sweet potatoes
9) strings together 2-3 syllables at a time...and sounds like she is saying a-ma-ma-ma-ma and a-da-da-da-da-da
10) starting to scoot backwards
11) cries desperately whenever she is left alone...cries these cute chubby tears
12) likes to put her head back and look at us when sitting in our lap
13) likes to put her fingers in her mouth

the month of march felt hectic...perhaps the few hours i do work have had their effect...we also had a few colds floating about the home, and birthday after birthday...funny how small things can affect the balance.

it seems these days, bean and i are rarely still as there is always something to be done...a little one to be cared for or a sock to be folded. the pulse is constant every day from 7am to 9PM, with well coordinated if bean and i choreographed the day beforehand.  we've been pretty good...i think...being present and appreciating where we are right now.  even with four daily loads of miniature laundry, boogie noses, and an occasional sandy floor we still look at each other at the end of the day like we're the luckiest exhausted folks in the world.  happy and balanced - that's the goal these days. and if we manage to move a millimeter...perhaps nanometer...or even yoctometer forward on any other goals...what a bonus!

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