Sunday, March 20, 2011

mushrooms violets and rain

two-thirds into the month i finally took a moment to paint...for some reason i chose mushrooms as the subject. i don't particularly like to eat them, but they're fun to color any which way.  something about them reminds me of small imaginary woodland creatures...yep...100% geek.

little a did this drawing yesterday...a cheery pot of violets.  she amazes specific she is....not just flowers, but violets.  do i underestimate the power of  four year olds?  the other day, she told me about a ride she had invented and then proceeded to draw exactly what she had described.  it was a palm tree with coconuts that flew around in circles. her imagination is wild and silly and i love it.

this morning, after little r woke us up for a 5:30 breakfast, we decided to ignore the weather reports and head to disney for the gate opening at 8am.  while we missed it by 30 minutes, we set the record for our earliest disney arrival ever. the payoff...we only had to wait 20 minutes to ride peter pan...the greatest ride ever invented according to my hubby.  little r with her easy way cruised with us through the rain and endured peter pan, pirates, and pirahnas (jungle cruise)...her first time on all three rides.

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