Monday, March 28, 2011

my bunnies...

bean and i love to watch the relationship develop between our girls.  despite the four year spread their interactions are already hilarious.  together...they are a string of constant noise, movement, and antics.  little a does all she can to make her little sister laugh and is often rewarded with a big blinky smile.  while she amazes me with her tolerence, there are times she gets huffy.

the other day, little r reached for her big sister's head and with her chubby grabby baby hands accidentally pulled out a few strands of hair.  little a, who knew her baby sister meant not harm, could not help but react to the injustice...she scowled at her little sister, pulled the stolen loose hairs out of the chubby grabby baby hands, and slapped them back on her head. 

trying to capture them on film together, both smiling and in focus is near impossible.  below is this morning's attempt...

and last but not least...the complaining picture...stop momma stop!!

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