Saturday, March 26, 2011


rainy skies + two sick girls + no agenda =

two loaves of fresh baked bread...a trouble competition...paperwork...story after story (including sense and sensibility if you can believe it)...a long walk in the rain...rope soup and showers...several rounds of guess what i'm drawing...a collection of flowers for pressing...
we picked these obliging meadow flowers on our walk today. in the last hint of daylight, i photographed them in our back yard...not expecting a clear shot in the dark....yet here they are.

totally random...but on our stroll today...we were honked at a couple times by neighbors passing in their cars...parents from our daughter's school.  as the car passed, we'd catch the silhouette of a waving hand in the back window and either recognize the car or hairdo of the driver.  it reminded me of the theme song from cheers...a place where everyone knows your name.

on yet another note...we are backpedaling on our initial assessment of little r.  she is a she chanted syllable after syllable after which we are certain she said adadadadada several times and amamamamama at least once (sniff).

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