Sunday, May 1, 2011

the girls...

little aut at 4 years and 7 months
1) rode tower of terror and bear countries zip line (9 times!) for the first time on 4/7/11.  loved the zip line, thinks the tower of terror is just okay
2) calls the rolling rock in indiana jones and goonies a boobie catcher
3) this month...i'm rapunzel...she's pascal...and bean is blue jean
4) has been asking me to braid her hair...she looks so cute
5) love the wide eyed look she gives me when shes says are you serious? or can you believe it mommy?
6) fun things we do together...naughty night (where we eat candy, don't brush our teeth, stay up late, and read stories backwards in the bed), midnight jello, guess what i'm drawing, and memory game stories (where we tell stories with our winning cards)
7) loves playing the memory game...clobbers bean and i...sigh old age
8) does grandma live in forrest?  in response to my comment that grandma always gets lost

little rea at 7 months
1) still breathing through her mouth this month...bean jokes that he would call his pub the panting baby
2) met her friend skylar for the first time on 4/3/11...thought it would be nice to know when they're friends 30 years later like her mom and i are
3) likes to bounce and kick her right leg when resting after a good scoot
4) scratch scratch scratch on the orange striped chairs
5) saw her first two bottom teeth on 4/20/11
6) loves this month...apples, prunes, carrots
7) shy, serious, gentle, and timid
8) officially crawled forward after weeks of scooting backwards 4/26/11
9) spit talking

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