Wednesday, April 20, 2011

random chatter...

after a busy week of appointments, assignments, and hosting...i am taking short break today to relax before easter.  this monday, we hosted an easter/spring playdate for the girl's friends. i wish i had shots to show of the pinata attack or bits of swimming, but i was too distracted to pick up the camera.

bean asked what i wanted for mother's day...honestly, i have all that i want...happy family, cozy home, and a bit of creative time...what more do i need?  oh...except for...dr. seuss-like success and a few less pounds.   i that too much to ask for?

i guess i'm not a things least not now...stuff = clutter = no good.  wait...i'm fibbing a little...i did find these lovely necklaces on etsy that would mean so much to me...

{etsy shop: lilybuds}
Silver Fingerprint Personalized Hand Stamped Name Mommy Charm Pendant

{etsy shop: luckymebeads}
small size . one pendant custom silhouette necklace

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