Sunday, April 10, 2011

the tickle plant...

yesterday the girls received a hand full of seeds of what is known as the sensitive, shy, bashful, shrinking, or tickle me plant.  today we're giving them a 24 hour bath and tomorrow we'll nestle them in their new home above.  little a prepared the pot while i hammered away on the spoon sign.  i've seen a few on etsy but none that read "tickle plant" i went at it myself.  it took a couple squashed spoons but we eventually got there.  after my tired fingers have rested we want to add another that says "beware...don't touch!"

if you like the spoons, but not the idea of doing it were some of my favorite spoons on etsy...

{etsy shop: hammermann}
{etsy shop: monkeysalwayslook}

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Anonymous said...

Cool spoon!! I love the TickleMe Plant - I just order a few dozen of the TickleMe Plant Party Favors for my Daughter's Birthday Party -oool
I found it here