Tuesday, May 31, 2011

fabric illustrations...b is for bird

one down and twenty five more to go...five letters was the goal this month and i overwhelmingly underachieved. i'm aiming to make june a little more productive.
in some way these minitature works are the testing grounds for trying out new illustrative techniques. while i'm not a quilter, i love the idea of custom paper pieced patterns...like these letters below.  i started off simple...piecing together a small section of sun rays.
My block ~ Ringo Pie Bee
i also wanted to try sashiko stitching. however, after reading the tutorial on the {purl bee} ,  i realized i pretty much made up my own type of stitching...definitely not sashiko.  this lovely pouch was one of the giveaways during the sew mama sew event and was my first introduction to sashiko stitching.
next up...the letter c with more piecing, my own version of sashiko stitching and if my wool roving arrives, an attempt at felting. would love to hear about new techniques that you enjoy!

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3Giraffes said...

Oh that is LOVELY! And what a fantastic way to use up scraps!! (I have a tendency to save nearly all of my scraps. For what, I don't know....)