Sunday, May 8, 2011

momma's day...

this is my mom and i circa 1979.  i have it in my head that this photo was a taken in a booth somewhere near the space needle. in the second shot, i recall my mom saying something like let's be glamorous, but i think we ended up looking like exactly like what we were...a mom and little girl having fun in a photo booth.  it's the first summer vacation i have memories of...driving over the golden gate...under giant trees...and my dad to insanity.

as close as my mom and i are and as often as we're together, we don't have many really good photos of the two of us...i had to dig all the way back to 1979!  i wish we had jumped into more photobooths along the way.

with that said, i have to remember to take pictures with my girls...not just of them.  this is a rare...and i mean RARE photo of me with the girls from tonight.

so i remember...we spent our afternoon at disney...
with little aut trying to drive us off the autopia track
with rea's wide eyed look through pirates
with bean's lost glasses
with powdered sugar all over our faces
with a new wall-e doll in our arms
with goths celebrating bat day
with another mardi gras necklace to add to our collection

 happy mother's day to my mommy friends and most of all to my mom who gave me a childhood i love to remember and who raised me to be the gal i am today.  i love you.

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