Friday, May 27, 2011

pressed flowers necklace

i've always had a thing for pressed flowers...each so fragile and unique. i imagine no two pressed flowers are ever a kaliedscope image or a snowflake.

when bean and i traveled to germany and austria we visited several castle ruins.  surrounding each were meadows with vein like paths...and on the edge of these paths were often tiny wild flowers.  they were small, clustered, and almost unnoticeable.  but up close, they were intricate treasures.  so began my obsessive collection of wildflowers.  each night, i pressed them carefully into my travel journal next to a note of the location where they were found.  bean still jokes today that i was like gollum with his precious...wildflowers. 

yesterday aut and i made the charm below with flowers from our yard using acrylic tiles and glue.  it was a simple, inexpensive project, but the delight on aut's face as she ran out the door with her new charm around her neck today was enough sunshine to brighten the entire weekend.

happy memorial day!
what are your plans for the weekend?


**nicke... said...

that is so beautiful! and what a treasure that you picked them yourself! great work!

Mandi @ make it dear said...

I loved your giveaway and have linked to you here :)

3Giraffes said...

This is super cute! I've been wanting to make something similar since I SAW something similar at Universal Studios. But I refuse to pay their exorbitant prices. Can you find the acrylic pieces at a craft store? Or only online?

shelley said...

3 giraffes - thank you! i found this package of 48 acrylic pieces (various sizes) at Michaels Craft Store for 9.99. I also saw them at JoAnns. would love to see your final piece :)