Sunday, June 5, 2011

a birthday weekend...

yesterday we celebrated the 40th birthday for one of my college roommates...there were four of us that roomed together our sophomore year at with each of us married and with two kids...we are sixteen strong.  it's just as casual and silly as it was when we were 17...with the guys and kiddos meshing together as if they've always been right along side us since the beginning in our dingy dorm rooms.

today, we're off to a kiddo party.  these tags were made from punch outs of tissue paper, maps, cards, books, and sheet music. quick and festive.
with so many kiddo parties, i'm always looking for creative gifts to give...i was so excited to rediscover these ed emberly drawing books from my childhood.  i remember flipping through these until the pages were soft and well loved.  i'll be ordering boxes of these for the upcoming 5 year old parties!



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Lindsay Conner said...

Love your gift tags! I've featured them today at