Sunday, June 12, 2011

fair day...

yesterday, we stumbled upon a local fair...the kind with rides that need a bolt tightening here and there...and ended up staying the whole afternoon.  i have no pictures...only descriptions.  what i remember...

1)  aut's reactions to the rickety was mix of uncontrollable laughter tinged with a the fearful anticipation that at any moment she might fly right off the ride. after each one, i'd ask, what did you think?  and each time she replied that was SO COOL mommy, i want to go again!  she's a thrill seeker, that one.  i myself was a little concerned on a ride or two.  it's no disneyland.

2)  running into friends and chit-chatting as we watched our kids ride rides together. a simple thing, but something about it makes me happy - really happy.  i guess it makes me feel our girls are growing up around good people.

3) watching little aut comfort her friend as they rode the bouncing cars.  the ride, i thought was a tad wild, and he was clearly concerned. later on aut told me that she kept saying to him on the's okay, it'll be alright. 

4) bean and aut swinging in car 9 at the top of the ferris wheel while new riders were loaded into the cars below.  poor bean hates heights.  he didn't look too pleased.

on another note...i did stay up late and work on another coin purse. it was supposed to be rainbow colored, but the red and blue are barely visible.  what i learned this time?
1) to add interfacing to the fabric 2) to pin all the key intersections  what i still can't figure out?  1) how to sew a straight hinge seam 2) how to neatly sew the lining to the top fabric...i always end up with a small gap at the hinge points


Gabrielle said...

These little purses are so cute! Did you use a pattern or make one yourself?

As for joining the two together, have you tried putting the exterior inside the lining, right sides together and sewing all the way around the top? You end up having to close the inside bottom lining seam when after it is all flipped and pressed, but it usually ends up with a really neat top edge.

**nicke... said...

i love this sooooo much! it is beautiful! i really need one of these!

your day at the build-a-carnival sounded like a lot of fun!

shelley said...

thank you for your kind comments!
gabrielle - i made up the pattern based on a similar bag i saw on {}. once i have it perfected i hope to make my first tutorial.