Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy father's day

happy father's day to our sweet bean

25 random things we love about you
1) That you grow a vegetable garden
2) That you can build and fix just about anything 
3) That you can make a feast out of nothing 
4) That you don’t mind acting dorky to make us laugh
5) That you admire those that are truly admirable…character over flash
6) That you’ll fly in the middle of the night just to spend one less day away from us
7) That you’re warm and fuzzy
8) That even though it’s father’s day, you’re working on the yard
9) That you always need one more pair of beige shorts
10) That you want guitar lessons for father’s day
11) That you always seem to know the answer to questions about history, politics, and the way things work
12) That your entire being brightens when you see us
13) That you schedule 7am haircuts so you’ll be home before we’re up
14) That you always show up when you’re supposed to
15) That you make pancakes on the weekend
16) That you say, believe, and live by…happy wife, happy life
17) That you want goats, chickens, and horses
18) That you wake up every night to feed rea
19) That you insist on serving a hot meal
20) That you say, we haven’t see your parents in a while, let’s have them up
21) That you’re a closet stinker…not always mr. nice guy
22) That you can easily handle both girls
23) That you can’t wait to teach your girls new things and take them on new adventures
24) That you say every time you make something…I think this is the best (insert food item), I’ve ever made
25) That you get excited about free mulch, the next harry potter movie, and Ronald Reagan documentaries

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