Thursday, June 23, 2011

the start of summer...

yesterday, on the first day of summer, the girls and i went rock hunting at the beach with our friends.  we are fortunate to live two miles from quiet cliffs that house millions of these treasures...white, tan, and grey stones sanded smooth and thin by the ocean.  everything about them is soothing.  the way the cool stones roll in your palms...the soft crunching as you step upon them...their muted tones.   we spent an hour or so studying several rocks, selecting only the finest. by the end our pockets sagged with these gems.

my most vivid and fond memories of summer are of beach combing.  the second photo above is the collection bean and i found in gayhead on martha's vineyard...exactly 5 years ago. with aut 6 months in my tum, we combed through the misty rain to pull together our most valuable souvenir from the trip...not unlike my austrian pressed flowers.

one last beach combing the summer of 85, my family and i collected a beautiful pile of moonstones and green stones from moonstone beach in cambria.  i'll have to ask my mom if she still has them tucked away in a jar.  i remember my uncle flying stunt kites and the four of us (my mom, dad, brother and i) each searching for the perfect stone on the empty beach.  there are moments in my life that i tell myself, this is a perfect moment, don't forget it, and that summer day was one of them.

happy summer

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