Thursday, June 16, 2011


my monthly reminder...
little aut at 4 years and 9 months...
1) you make the up the coolest ideas and gazering on the's this funny little dance where you glide your hands and legs from an x shape to an i shape...after repeating this motion 3xs, you run around in several circles
2) you love to make treasure maps with impossible odds of reaching the treasure.  today we dreampt up the bubble monster that lurks in the deep lake, sleepy strawberries, and disintegrating dandelions
3) you still love your 3 turtles...turtily, turtily, and tilly above all other possessions 
4) i love that you genuinely want to play with your sister despite the four year difference. in case you change your mind later, you've requested a bunk bed so you and rea can share a bedroom
5) today (5/22) you asked me...mommy, was reagan wearing clothes when she came out of your tummy?
6) when you're tired in the car you say i feel like to close my eyes
7) juju baby...juju baby on the juju side
8) you still sleep with your light on with the birdies
9) right mama, RIGHT?
10) ai you mymy, ai you mymy means i love my mommy
11) beats us fair and square at the memory game...90% of the time
12) you LOVE for me to sing my old hand clapping songs...sitting at the table, peeling my potato, waiting for the clock to go boom tick tock...ching ching ching and arithmetic...3 sailors went to sea sea sea to see what they could see see see...not last night but the night before 24 robbers came knocking at my door...say say i am a funny little dutch girl as funny as funny can be
13) insteresting is something that you're very curious about...tarangela is a big hairy spider
little rea at 9  months...
1) i love your prune mustaches, beards, and goatees
2) i love when you crawl and make the continuous ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh sound
3) your schedule these days...awake at 5am/bottle...maybe sleep until 7am...solids at 9am...1 hour nap at 10am...solids/bottle at 1pm...2 hour nap at 3pm...solids at 6pm...nightynight/bottle at 8pm
4) you have the meanest kungfu grip...or should i say pinch.  i have a collection of black and blue marks on my underarm as proof
5) sniff...bye bye baby tub, baby swing, boppy, and baby carrier this month...with her active crawling and cruising it's time to pack away the infant gadgets...sniff sniff
6) things that you love...the blue shower curtain, the black and white bathroom tile, the pink rocker (you like to rock it with your hand), the brown mirror in our bedroom, the ring handles on the corner cabinets, the lemur matching card
7) loves playing airplane
8) i love your sweet little baby puffs on my face when i hold you close
9) i love the tiny hand print smears on ou mirror from your attempts at standing
10) i love how you carefully watch me when i clean you little gums and two teeth with a swab
11) on 6/12/11 right after allie's 5th birthday, in the parking lot, you gave me my your first was SO wonderful.  since then, you've been kissing me daily.  there's nothing like baby kisses.

1) talking a lot of business this month...we want to challenge ourselves to start something
2) getting ready for summer and a busy school schedules, swimming, vacations
3) feeling a little lazy on the creative end...hence no alphabet illustrations and less than normal blogging
4) spending a lot of time in the up and preparing for summer swim parties
5) lots and lots of memory game

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