Sunday, July 10, 2011


a little rope swing action from our walk today.  i went on a picture binge since i haven't taken too many shots this summer.  aut as usual was not cooperative until i bribed her by cruelly threatening to not swing her until she at least faced the camera.  the bright part of her lack of cooperation is that most of her shots are still very candid. nothing like a real smile.
this little one, true to her disposition, watched quietly as her sister woke the neighborhood with her wild giggling...hmmm what a way to knock the quiet out of a sunday morning.  the funny thing about these that i had to be very careful to not get clobbered in the head by the long legs flailing above me.
my partner in crime... that the neighborhood is to find more trouble.

one side note...this was our first outing with the joovy ultralight...a tandem for the girls.  pretty cool so far.

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