Tuesday, August 2, 2011

us...june and july 2011

aut at 4 years and 11 months
1) wants to sleep with us this month after watching 1/2 of ghostbusters with bean
2) attending VELA 3 days during the summer
3) love the way she twirls her hand and looks up when she is explaining a complex idea
4) this month...i'm tinkerbell, she's blaze, and bean is terrence
5) snail boats...yucky charms...and dragon flowers
6) love it when she gives me the thumbs up signal ands says "ok mommy? ok?"
7) no longer afraid of the pool light
8) new small carry item...pacot her little yellow audobon bird.  turtily, turtily, tilly, and tiny are now just memories
9) at girlscout meeting when asked if she could go anywhere, where would she go?  she replied to japan to see how they are doing.
10) calls our striped orange, yellow, and green chairs...ratatoullie chairs
11) likes to play rock paper scissors
12) like a fish...diving, swimming under water, and front stroking across the pool
13) said to me the other day...she wants her nickname to be rockstar
haha she rocks out to troublemaker by weezer.  cute now...but a little worried about the teenage years

rea at 11 months...
1) likes to tilt her head to the side and look at us until we copy her...already passed 7/10
2) loves to chase zhuzhu pets...we have two...zhu zhu white and zhu zhu black
3) so many sweet baby kisses...right on the nose
4) two more little baby teeth...this time on the top...6 total
5) waving at a few select folks
6) can make her way down stairs...starts hands first, grips the edge of the step, then pivots her legs down
7) says babababababa
8) 9 month check up...weight: 18lbs 12 ounces length: 28 1/2 inches
9) playful side kicked in this month...suddenly laughing and smiling at so much more than before...like swatting at us
10) a last said mamamama on saturday 7/16.  now she says it all the time...sniff
11) loves wind and anything like wind...the hairdryer, blowing
12) cheerio fiend...now that she has been introduced to solids, it is nearly impossible to feed her with a spoon.  she swats at it.  needless to say, mealtime is a messy adventure.

1) front yard remodel starts on 7/25...after almost 2 years of a wonky driveway
2) took the girls out for a late night party...uncle richie's 50th...they did great!  will not forget autumn stomping her feet and clapping her hands as she walked about the room checking out all the action
3) with rea mobile, it is hard to catch both girls in a focused photo.  i couldn't catch them together in june...so i skipped

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