Wednesday, August 31, 2011


that was fast...i mean supercharged lightening fast.  summer blasted by and here we are back in school...big girl school at more breezing into class at 45 more 3 days a more hey let's just skip school today.

i found out that if aut is 10 minutes late to school, i have to go to the office for a TARDY PASS...oh geez...memories of chasing the school bus are haunting me again.
so far...we've been on time (give or take 5 minutes)

being at home with aut in school for long days is an adjustment too.  it's so quiet.  yesterday, while rea was sleeping, i sat here with a cup of coffee, marvelling at the silence.  at one point, i wasn't sure what to do with myself.   got to get back into my creative groove and finish a novel by the end of the year.

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