Monday, September 19, 2011

the gap...

last thursday little auttie came home with a big gap in her smile...she lost her first tooth at school after a month of wiggling...sniff...our big girl.

since this was our first tooth fairy visit, we kept the tooth until saturday. this gave us more time to decide how to send it off.  auttie wanted a bag that read my tooth is in here...straightfoword, to the room for any misunderstandings.  we left the tooth carefully packaged at the foot of her bed.

the following morning, auttie snuggled up to me and said after a few moments the tooth fairy didn't come.  since i was quite sure she had...i encouraged her to check again. seconds after she left, she ran back into my room waving a $10 bill saying excitingly  she did come! she did come! it was inside the bag!

silly tooth fairy...leaving money inside the tooth bag and not under the pillow. i guess she has 19 more times to get it right.

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