Saturday, September 17, 2011

reaggie is one!

our little reaggie turned one today.  when she arrived on 9/16/10 at 9:00AM...she was a gentle grey-eyed soul who squeaked instead of cried.  for two weeks, she slept and slept...leaving us spare time to sleep and ease into a larger family...after a year, her little way is still the same.

our reaggie at one year. sniffy, scrunchie nosed, pursed lipped smile. wispy hair.loves to look under the refrigerator. plays tilt her head. says ma-ma-MAA-ma (like piz-za-RI-a). likes only to be held by mommy or daddy. about 20lbs. 8 teeth. eats about anything except bananas. EASY, go along baby. no binky required. two 1-2 hour naps. always and still is a good sleeper. loves being tossed about. still crawls. shows little interest in walking. loves dolls vs stuffed animals. loves baby einstein. loves to type on the computer. likes to play with trashcans, drawers, and in bathrooms (lovely). kung-fu pinch. a little brutish. love me to clean her ears and teeth, but fights nail cutting and hair drying. listens to hear raindrops nightly. likes to look at the light inside her starry turtle. rarely cries or complains. afraid of the vacuum cleaner and the gears toy. likes everything about water. loves playing peekaboo with her chocolate ice cream. loves little light of mine, edelweiss, and home on the range. has teeny tiny and socks just won't stay on. howls in the morniing for her bottle. happy birthday little puff puff, two leggie, juju baby.  we love you bigger than the sky.

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happy birthdday, little rea!