Friday, September 30, 2011

us...august and september 2011

aut at 4 years/11 months
1) she's been doing this for a while....just haven't mentioned it...when aut tells me about a thought she hasn't quite worked out, she adds extra syllables to, the other day..ay..ay..ay....
2) fascinated with the do-do bird thanks to a looney tunes cartoon
3) has her first loose tooth (bottom left)...said to me the other day toothloose is having a tooth loose and footloose (as in the movie) is having a foot loose
4) on her own, created and drew her own still life of toys she placed around our bed
5) one day while working in the yard, i explained to aut that i was cleaning the weeds b/c a man was coming to appraise our home.  when i asked her, do you know what will happen if he likes our home?  she said, he'll stick a gold star it.
6) only wears black and white striped pants
7) started ayso in september...observations after the first two games...aut likes to chase the crowd but stays out of shin-kicking range.  when she does kick the ball, she always looks over at us and
8) lost her first tooth on thursday, september 15...first tooth fairy visit on saturday, september 17
9) book and map maker...she makes at least one of these a day

rea at 11 months
1) since i'm japanese, and bean is a mix of everything european EXCEPT italian, i'm not sure where rea gets this...she loves to say ma-ma-MA-ma...the way an italian chef might say pi-za-RI-a
2) loves, LOVES, to play peek-a-boo with her brown belled ice-cream
3) likes to crawl to our refrigerator, get down on her tummy, and look under it...we all wonder what she is looking at...maybe she knows something?
4) loves to pick things up and drop them...especially things that make loud the metal bar in sliding door
5) nose bite kisses
6) loves to play with ALL the plastic dishware...3xs a day it looks as if the dish cabinet has exploded leaving rainbow cup and bowl debris all over our kitchen floor.  it is especially fun when auttie hides in the dish cabinet and plays peek-a-boo with reaggie
7) still our little puff puff
8) personality explosion...she is super playful with new people while before she would stare at them suspiciously

1) on 8/19 i managed to drive our car into the wall of our new garage. not my best moment.  i'd like to blame physics for lurching my car foward when the front wheel hit some loose dirt, but deep down i know it was my fault for driving in the dirt in the first place
2) we crammed a lot of summer into the week of 8/14...legoland, the museum of natural history, descanso, disneyland...
3)  getting prepared for a BUSY september...2 birthday girls and big girl kindergarten
4)  after reading the sudden success of erin morgenstern, the author of the night circus...i am revisiting writing.  facts on the night circus...began in 2005...finished in 2009...1 year to find an agent...only 4 months to a high 6 figure book deal...
5) once september was all about getting the groove of kindergarten.  i'm not sure how i pulled this off, but i've have been on time (give or take 5 minutes) every day
6) early saturday morning ayso day we will start off early enough to grab the starbucks before instead of after the game
7) lots of bean traveling in september, which has added to the complexity of the month
8) intro to Art at Your first project is not until November...I am SO excited to teach auttie's class
9) celebrated our 8 year (disney), reaggie's first, and auttie's fifth (tanaka farms)
10) thursday shabu shabu nights
11) bean's and my only show that we watch...we're impossible

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