Tuesday, October 11, 2011

peacocks, tulle, and halloween...

a month ago, auttie informed me that she wanted to be a peacock for halloween.  made sense...we see them often wandering the streets and perched on rooftops in the neighborhood. she's amused by their too human call for "heeeelp!" and their preference for strawberry lane (a local street where many of them dwell). there is also of course their feathers, which i imagine fascinates all ages.

after a little research, i only found used costumes on ebay...mostly stained with last year's festivities...blech!  even worse, they ran about $75...so...i came up with my tulle interpretation of a peacock.  i suppose i went a little tulle crazy...using about 8 yards of the fabric to cover my petite 5 year old.  i'm hoping the peacock feathers, when attached, will compress some of the poof...otherwise, knowing my auttie, she will refuse to wear it.
happy halloween!

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