Saturday, November 5, 2011

featured in babiekins magazine!

the tissue garlands have made it to print in the winter issue of babiekins magazine! woohoo!  they are in the background for a new year's shoot that spans pages 315 to 333...pipsqueak & bean is mentioned on page 315.  if you have a moment, please check out the issue - they feature lovely unique ideas for children.  babiekins magazine is currently an online mag that will be going to print in spring 2012.

not certain when, but i believe there will be a garland giveaway on the babiekins blog sometime soon.  so neat to see something that i've created liked by someone else other than my kiddos.

below are the pipsqueak & bean garlands that were featured...

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Jenny LQ said...

congrats! i love this mag... so fashion forward and everything featured in it is too too cute. it's no wonder your garland was chosen :)