Monday, December 12, 2011

art at your fingertips

this wednesday i get to teach art at auttie's school - i am SO excited, but a little worried that i might not be entertaining enough for twenty one five and six year olds.  we are making prints inspired by the legendary georgia o'keefe.  here are some samples of what the kids will create...
auttie and i made these as practice runs.  she seems interested enough in the printing process and in the bits about o'keefe, but she IS much like me when it comes to art.  keeping my fingers crossed that i can make this fun and successful for all the kids.

if by chance anyone wants to make these prints at home...
9 x 12 sketch paperinvoart presto foam 9 x 12
artagain coal black drawing paper 9 x 12
acrylic or tempera paint
masking tape
brush and a dull pencil

1) sketch an image (like a giant flower)
2) trace the image onto the presto foam with the dull pencil - pressing hard enough to make the image appear on the foam
3) secure the foam to the black drawing paper one side.  this is to make sure that the image does not shift while you are printing
4) in small sections, paint the foam and press it onto the black paper

my favorite part about the process is the layering of the paint...blend it, mix it, layer it, mush it...and you will end up with an unexpected masterpiece!

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