Tuesday, December 27, 2011

i hope it was merry!
we are enjoying the annual end of the year lull between christmas and new years...hanging out in pjs, strolling through gardens, staying up late, thinking about 2012 goals.
the biggies are consistent year to year...happy family, happy home, and good health...beyond that is the icing...a little growth...something learned...a new facet...just so i'm not stagnant.  i begin the day after christmas by reading my camera manual for the first time in 6 years after blindly taking pictures and hoping for a good shot. fstops, shutter speed, and iso are new words i need to understand.

on a different note...today we picnicked at the local botanical garden.  the highlight for the girls , above the children's garden and the ducks, are the free dumdum suckers in the giftshop. reaggie, who doesn't get suckers often, recognized it instantly and popped the tiny ball of sugar into her mouth. for several minutes she sat quietly in her stroller twisting the white stick with her chubby little hand. bean and i noticed after some time that the once stiff paper stick had been gummed and goobered down to a pulpy mush that was about to break and become a choking hazard. so...us, the quick thinking parents that we are, decided to crush the glossy sucker ball into smaller swallow able pieces.  somehow...i'm not sure how...we did not anticipate the protest to follow.  it was an injustice and she let us know that we had spoiled her moment.  as she complained, she kept waffling between tossing the bits off of her tray and putting them in her mouth.  she was upset, but not quite enough to entirely abandon the dumdum.

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