Monday, December 12, 2011

us...october and november 2011

auttie...5 years and a few months
1) lost her second tooth on 10/10 while shopping for halloween fabric.  we were in macy's at the time.
2) was a peacock for halloween 2011. trick or treating w/ her best friend allie.  they were so excited to RUN from home to home.
3) loves taking baths with her baby sister
4) reaggie is SOOOO gassamacca.  gassamacca = cute in autumn speak
5) "i love jooey, jooey is my favorite toy, but she's alive." auttie on reagan. morning of 11/5/11
6) playing ayso soccer this fall, but seems mostly to enjoy goofing around on the sidelines with her friends.  on the field, she runs around the pack in swooping circles, but  doesn't go in to kick the ball.  when she does happen to kick the ball, she stops and looks at us with a big smile, while the other girls swarm the ball
7) plays at school w/ allie, anna, rebecca, and elsie
8) wrote a brilliant story about a ladybug who plays w/ his friends and gazers on the sun
9) still loves bugs, birds, and tiny little creatures...she is on her way to being a scientist
10) is now closing her door to keep reaggie out of her stuff.  reaggie, knowing this, goes into auttie's room when she is at school 
11) is now a super duper jump roper.  i LOVE spinning the rope for her and watching her jump after school
12) tells me she wants to be a rockstar.  who am i to disagree? now that soccer is over, i am signing her up for guitar lessons.

reaggie...13-15 months
1) took her first real steps on 10/11 in her bedroom.  she was watching auttie play with a magic wand and didn't realize what she was doing
2) says...autumn, up, baby, and hi.  there are probably others, but we would need a baby interpreter.
3) pointy lip smile
4) says nenenenenene when she is really excited
5) officially walking on 11/15...yea!!!
6) loves to dump the red basket of stuffed animals on the floor
7) loves to play with her bouncy balls...the pink one best of all
8) when she's tired, bounces the back of her hand on her mouth and makes funny sounds
9) attached to spunkie, pink bunny that she calls baby, and madeline
10) loves to push her letter stand around like a push cart...guess we should buy an actual push cart
11) loves auttie's cheap pink squeakie dolphin.  i wanted to toss it out the moment she brought it home from the carnival...glad that i didn't
12) loves playng cozy cave...a cave made out of our giant zebra blankie

1) celebrated their 5th and 1st at tanaka farms with neighbors and school friends...waited 2 weeks after their birthdays to pumpkin pick
2) afterschool the afternoon we settle in the blue room where auttie does her daily kindergarten homework and reaggie does baby homework
3) soccer games on saturday morning...ended in november...not sure we will be back for another year as auttie doesn't like the idea of getting kicked and dirty
4) feels SO VERY fast paced since kindergarten has started...there has been little time to craft or blog
5) attempting to focus on health...livestrong!! 
6) school playground w/ the girls after school
7) BUSY bean at work, but making strides
8) loving our cozy winter nights at home...drinking tea and packing those holiday sweets onto the hips

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