Saturday, January 14, 2012


last week auttie begin ice skating.  the first lesson yielded some tears after a fall, but this week she was determined to be fearless.  back and forth she went on the ice, slowly and carefully, refusing the hands of the teachers and picking herself up after each fall.  there were lots of thumbs up and winks between us.  it was how she let me know she was okay  as i watched her intently behind the plastic barrier.  so proud of my girl.

on another note...auttie's description of an angel...they wear shiny ring hats that sit softly in the air and when they fly away the hat follows them.


3Giraffes said...

Can I just tell you that I SO love a determined kiddo that decides skating is great?! I did it for SO many years competitivly and teach it now.
Let her know that it is OK to fall. That EVERYONE does it. The girls that she sees and thinks are so good and amaze her with their feats...they fall. All the time. Constantly. OVER and OVER and OVER again. And they pick themselves up, brush off the ice, and go do it again.
Personally, I've had many "war wounds" from skating. But I never gave up. And I wouldn't change the experience(s) for anything. If you don't fall, you aren't trying hard enough!
Good luck to her. :) And to you. As the parent that watches the kid fall over and over, it can get frustrating and be hard on YOU to see your kiddo get hurt.

shelley said...

3giraffes - thank you for the kind and encouraging comments. she is a trooper which makes me so proud. i hope she sticks with it. i wish we were nearby as you sound like an amazing teacher :) interestingly enough her distant cousin in a gold maybe its in her ;)