Saturday, January 21, 2012

the courtyard

eight years ago, bean and i honeymooned in italy.  there, behind vines, stone walls, and urns of geraniums, we discovered petite courtyards so effortlessy charming.  i loved the idea of these hidden sanctuaries and i imagined, here, the inhabitants would sip their morning tea or drink their chianti from sunset into the night.
i did not think that eight years later we would be have our own blank courtyard to design. i've been searching for images, fountains, well heads, and tiles that remind me of what i saw in tuscany.  at last tonight i discovered somthing close:
these lovely antiques had no prices listed, which leads me to believe, if i have to ask via appointment only, i probably cannot afford it.  sigh...i can still admire AND search for a close replica that has been artificially aged 200 or so years.

we start construction in a week...eee! i hope what we envision comes together.


Jenny LQ said...

i love this!!! we are working on landscaping our front yard and it will have a spanish cottage feel. we are meeting with landscaper next week so here's wishing us luck too. can't wait to see pics of your finished garden :)

shelley said...

yes! good luck to us both! would love to see the completed pics, especially the plants you choose. we have some in mind, but not all.
we'll piggy back and use your landscaper's expertise ;)