Monday, January 23, 2012


sipping coffee and watching the rain.  far from what i expected.  this morning was supposed to be a disaster...start of construction...bean out of town...a 9am coffee date. a bad mood trifecta.  on normal mornings, i drop auttie off at 9:05 with wet hair and a hungry half dressed baby. as it turned out, construction was delayed and the coffee date rescheduled...all thanks to the rain...beautiful wonderful rain that stops all californians in their tracks.  are californians squishy?  yes, yes we are.

on another note...we flew kites this weekend.  one was lost to a branchy and stubborn pine tree.  i wonder how long it will live there?  i wonder if leaving a kite in a tree is considered littering?

here is the sky, right after the sun popped into the ocean.  it was about 60 degrees and freezing in the wind.  perhaps if it were warmer we would have exerted more effort in retrieving our kite?  are californians squishy?  yes, yes we are.

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